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More than a writer, I’m a big reader. I don’t say big because I read well, but because I read a lot. So I dedicate this site to readers, not only of my work but to all readers.
I intend to create a space where we can share and interact on that great passion such as reading. I was fortunate enough to say that my first two novels, Fatal DNA and Brain Games became best-sellers.
I’ve always been an entrepreneur, so I decided to venture into the world of electronic books, seeking greater market and contributing to the planet to prevent logging to print.
You will also find some short stories that I wrote, like Jane and Mula, besides a series of blog posts, some of my authorship and others of my kind contributors.



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Cartoon by Marc Anderson 


 Cartoon Jose Miguel Vasquez



EDITORIAL by José Miguel Vásquez


Fatal DNA: a thriller from Jose Miguel Vasquez Gonzalez

Fatal DNA: a thriller from Jose Miguel Vasquez Gonzalez

Get known is not easy in the Literature world. Mainly when you try to go global. After ADN Fatal became a spanish best-seller, I decided to explore new markets with it. Even though I firmly believe in Indie publishing, presented me a very tempting offer.

BIENESTAR por Fernando Pereira



Mi teléfono en silencio recibe un par de llamadas, mientras atiendo una reunión de rutina. El buzón de voz anuncia dos mensajes de un número desconocido, y suelta el primero:
– Bendición Fer. Hoy tengo que abandonarla.
Detrás de la voz trémula y asustada está Gabriel. Algo pasó.

HUMOR por Joaquín Ortega

Photoshoping the world

Photoshoping the world

There is no one ugly in the world anymore. If you don’t like your appearance is not the fault of DNA but laziness. We are all beautiful, ask Photoshop and see. Few tools for human deception have bitten, with such success, for the jugular of the perceptions of others. It’s devious, but democratic style, has achieved in less than a generation, which the Spartans -with Taigeto- and Nazi eugenics -with their laboratories- could achieve. Photoshop is the new brush of the gods.

APUNTES por Fabiola Isaac

Leer en Buenos Aires, la tierra de Borges

Leer en Buenos Aires, la tierra de Borges

“Hay quienes no pueden imaginar un mundo sin pájaros; hay quienes no pueden imaginar un mundo sin agua; en lo que a mí se refiere, soy incapaz de imaginar un mundo sin libros”

Fatal DNA in electronic format

Following the publication of the first printed version, I received a lot of comments from readers. The response level was an amazing experience. I was very happy with the results. A matrix of opinion was created: everyone liked the story, but many claimed the short end and asked for more (some accounts). My response was that I would reconsider it. Sales accelerated, the edition sold out, then came a reprint, which was also very well received. Then I published Brain Games, first part of a trilogy, which had a similar acceptance. I’m currently writing the sequel. In the meantime, I made the decision to please my faithful readers and expand Fatal DNA.

This led to the creation of the Second Edition of Fatal DNA, which is an expansion of the original.

Fatal DNA for kindle
The history does not change, although the outcome is detailed better, while in the original it’s just an outline.

The electronic format or eBook brings many advantages. I invite all readers who wanted more to read this new edition. The book is in kindle format, but can be read on any PC, smartphone or tablet. I created a tutorial guide so you can do it for free. At the moment, Fatal DNA is being translated into English, which will be available soon. Also, Brain Games will be presented as an eBook and all the stories that follow. I invite you to subscribe to stay informed of the developments. By doing so, you’ll receive two short stories that I wrote as a -totally FREE- bonus, Jane and Mula, which are a gift to readers of José Miguel Vasquez and cannot be obtained in any other site.

Brain Games also for kindle

After publishing Fatal DNA in kindle format, taking Brain Game to the platform was the next logical step. To reach a global audience, which is very difficult to do with the printed versions, is much easier in electronic format. The Rabbit’s Brotherhood, the first part of the Brain Games trilogy is now available in kindle format.

Brain Games for kindle

Even if you don’t have a kindle, you can read Brain Games on any PC, smartphone or tablet. In this tutorial, you will learn to do it simply and free. I remind you that by subscribing to this site you will receive Jane and Mula for FREE, two short stories I wrote as a gift for my readers and cannot be obtained except by subscription.

ADN Fatal disponible kindle


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