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I don’t have a kindle, what do I do?

The device that amazon sells to access e-books in the kindle platform is simply great. Everything is beautifully designed to enrich the reader’s experience from the built-in dictionary, the ability to highlight and share annotations to the possibility of sharing our library between multiple physical devices. Therefore, purchase one of these devices, is an experience which we will never regret. There are many models, I am a fan of the Kindle Paperwhite in particular, which technology with ink droplets under the screen closely resembles the experience of reading on paper (Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High-Resolution Display (212 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi – Includes Special Offers), but there is enough variety to satisfy all tastes.

In any case, this article discusses how to access the platform books when we don’t have the device. There are many possibilities, from read on our smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or even from your browser. You just need a kindle download.

I have designed a set of guides or tutorials, trying to make the process simpler, which is described below.

Create an amazon account and download a kindle app for your device

The process that will allow us to read books from the kindle platform without the device consists of two phases: the first is to create an account at configured for shopping with 1-click and the second is to download the kindle app for the device (or devices) you want. You can have as many applications as you want, you’ll just have to make a kindle download for each of them.


Create an account at

The first step is to create an account at To download books from the kindle platform, it is necessary to have what is called “Buy with 1-Click”, whether we want to buy books or download free books, which overflow on the platform. I designed a detailed tutorial to create that account on amazon.


Download a kindle app

Once you have created your account on amazon, or if you already had, and is set to make purchases with 1-click, the second phase is to download an application that enables you to read platform books on the device of your preference. It then shows how to download the application for each of the possibilities. Choose the one you prefer and find detailed instructions for performing this process. Remember that you must perform a kindle download for each device you want to use.

Kindle download for Mac or PC
Although not providing the same mobility features of a phone or a tablet, reading in the computer is comfortable because of the size of the screen. Just remember that you can have the kindle app on multiple devices and amazon synchronizes the contents between them. I created a detailed guide to download the kindle app for a desktop PC.
Download Kindle for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
Undoubtedly, IOS has become the most preferred by the users in recent years. The tight integration between the devices has taken off. If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, follow the detailed instructions to download the kindle app for iOS and start enjoying the many books on the kindle platform.
Download Kindle for Android
The versatility and the large number of Android devices on the market has created a fierce fight with Apple over control of the market, which neither seems to ultimately achieve. Everyone has their arguments; each platform has its advantages. If you have an Android device, either a phone or a tablet, I also created a detailed guide to download the kindle app for Android
Once you have created your account on amazon, set for purchase with 1-click and you have made at least one kindle download, you will have at least one kindle app, you’re ready to start enjoying reading within the kindle platform on the device or devices for which you have made your kindle download. Amazon has a catalog of more than a million books, free and paid, which you can start enjoying already. Another advantage of the kindle platform is that us authors, as a way to promote our work, can make certain offers (ranging from lowering the price to $0.99 to put them free for a limited time), which can help you create a great electronic library at a much lower cost. I will be informing timely about such offers. I opened the reviews on this page so you can give your opinion on each of the devices, helping others who are being initiated into the world of eBooks. If this information was useful, I invite you to share it on your social networks.

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