A short history: Jane

Jane is detained in a psychiatric institution, waiting for the opportune moment to execute her revenge. The problem is that the time is not close –in regular ways- but she has other plans. In the outside world, she still has things to resolve. She will do anything to resolve them. Jane is a short story I wrote between Fatal DNA and Brain Games. I conceived it as a writing exercise, seeking to create tension and suspense on readers and I think the result was satisfactory. After hearing the criticisms of my first readers, I decided to polish and prepare it for publication. I had it for a while in a blog, but then I decided to include it as a gift to those loyal fans who subscribe to my website, helping create the community. Alongside Mula, another short story –this one is newer- you will receive it just by subscribing. You just have to enter your email address and within minutes you will be reading these two captivating stories.


However, is the reader who has the last word, for which I’d love to receive your comments, what you can do at the bottom of this page.

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