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Before devoting myself to writing, or I should say to writing and cinema, which is what I do now, I traveled a long way. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on August 28, 1964. Since childhood I leaned towards Sciences, although I liked Humanities so much.

I wanted to be an Architect, a position held firmly until a year before entering college. Given the large number of professionals in the area, I decided to switch to a budding career, which promised to become popular: Computer Engineering, at University Simon Bolivar.

After graduation in 1987, I decided to pursue a Masters in Computer Science, while teaching at the University. While I obtained the title of Magister, I did pre-doctoral studies, but at that point I decided it was time to apply my knowledge.

J.L Sistemas

Just graduated from college and with honors, there was no lack of job proposals. However, I always thought about creating my own business, where I could make my own projects. So in 1986, I founded J.L. Sistemas, a software development company, which since its inception was noted for the quality of its work.

In 1991, after the inclusion of the Engineer Fernando Pereira, my partner and one of the brightest people I’ve met to the company, we were commissioned to develop a newfangled application for the automation of Domino’s Pizza, which was barely established in the country. We developed an application called Powlet (which later became our flagship product Powl 21) which was a sensation, being developed in the emerging Windows platform, and by using a touch screen.

We decided to register it in Windows World Open, a global competition promoted by Microsoft, which involved the development of more than 30 countries. We were fortunate to qualify for the final, and as a picture says more than a thousand words, the result is in the video shown below.


The fact of getting the prize at the WWO, catapulted the company. Contracts rained overnight, both national and international. We opened offices in the US, where we began to serve the Latin American market. That kept me busy for several years, developing software, lecturing, traveling to give advice.

Wall Street

I am an entrepreneur, I like challenges and I am fan of learning new things. Fascinated by the stock markets, I began to study their behavior. I developed a set of algorithms to predict their behavior and created a methodology to operate on them with a high margin of reliability.

It’s still a work in progress, and at some point I will explain in more detail in my blog. As you can see, I remained concentrated in the scientific part. Although I enjoy it –and a lot- I considered it necessary to develop in other areas I was interested in equally and given the big challenge, I didn’t wait any longer.

Fatal DNA, Brain Games, Quien dijo miedo (Busted) and others

As I mentioned before, I always had a latent inclination for Humanities, which led me, once I was professionally established, to explore that world. So, I decided to write my first novel, which became Fatal DNA. I must confess that when I started writing, I did it more with a view of intellectual self-pleasing than thinking to make the outcome public. I gave the draft to a reduced group of friends, which received it with great reviews.

I thought it was the friendship between us what generated the comments, more than anything. I expanded the radio a little, with similar results. At that point I decided to publish the work. Then I wrote Brain Games and started thinking about another project that filled the only undeveloped area of the things I love: make a movie out of Fatal DNA. I had to study hard to learn the basics, but I’ve always had a knack for absorbing knowledge.

Given the complexity of making a film that represented Fatal DNA, I decided to start with a less ambitious project. I wrote a script which would be simple at first, but like anything in life, it grew and I ended up filming a movie in four countries (Venezuela, England, France and Spain) whose trailer can be watched below. Although it has no release date yet, it is imminent.



Actually I’m writing the second installment of Brain Games, and another novel which details you can get from the blog. I have also written two short stories, Jane and Mula, if you haven’t read them, I invite you to do so. They’re both exclusively reserved for my subscribers as a gift and not available anywhere else. By signing in the form presented below, you will have immediate access to them.

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