Another short story: Mula

Seventeen young people between eighteen and twenty years have disappeared.

Only three have been recovered, dead.

Carlos Duarte, Head of Research, takes over the case, suspecting of a crime of a sexual nature. The media have gone mad, as in all serial case. The police cannot establish a pattern and the case becomes worse over time.

Sonia Acevedo, a recent graduate of the police academy wages a struggle against time to try to get a clue. Unwittingly, she will be wrapped in the world of international drug trafficking.

Mula is a short story I wrote after Fatal DNA and Brain Games. The story turned out well and I might consider lengthening it and turn it into a novel. You will receive this short story with Jane, another short story, just by subscribing. In Mula we find Carlos Duarte and Sonia Acevedo -key characters of Fatal DNA- so this story becomes a series of prequel to Fatal DNA, as it helps to understand a little better the motivation of the characters.

In the future I will write other stories on this same wavelength, since the characters deserve more opportunities to be known and understood by readers. You just have to enter your email address and within minutes you will be reading these two captivating stories.


However, is the reader who has the last word, for which I’d love to receive your comments, what you can do at the bottom of this page.

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