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Get known is not easy in the Literature world. Mainly when you try to go global. After ADN Fatal became a spanish best-seller, I decided to explore new markets with it. Even though I firmly believe in Indie publishing, presented me a very tempting offer.

If you want to help me by nominating Fatal DNA, click here. You’ll get a FREE copy!

In its endless looking to cover more ground -what has been keeping them as the absolute leaders- amazon created a new platform, named Kindle Press, with which them enter the Editorial world.

¿Why would amazon enter the Editorial world?

It’s no secret that amazon control the global book-selling market. In this business, the editorial get a nice cut of the pie. Authors get too little (19%-15%, reason for which I’ve always have bet to Indie publishing).

It is then obvious that amazon being a Publisher, will add another slice to their profits. Being that said, amazon is by far the best way to go for an independent author. Amazon, by becoming a Publisher, puts a new tool on the table to Writers: the possible reach for the books of an author will grow by several magnitude orders, as amazon keeps the biggest readers database in the planet.

How would this work?

Being amazon so clever to doing business, they thought the best platform: select an author, publish a page with its book candidate for publishing, ask their readers to vote for the books they will like to see published. This is an enormous concept test; after the potential book been exposed by 30 days to millions of readers, amazon will have a pretty good idea about what will sell and what not. So, they select the best candidates, and sign an exclusive contract for that book.

Fatal DNA was accepted in the program

As I already said, amazon made me a very good offer: to include Fatal DNA in the program, which is managed through Kindle Scout. An offer that I accepted right away. According to amazon, we, the authors should invite our followers to nominate our books for having a better chance of being published. This is what I’d like to ask you today.

By going to this link you’ll be redirected to the page that amazon created for my Fatal DNA campaign. In the lower right size, you will see a blue button with the label “Nominate Me”. As soon as you click on that button, you will be nominating my book. If amazon decide to publish it, you will get a free copy of the book one week before the book launch.

I really appreciate your help. If you can, please share it with your friends and followers. Thank you!

Anyone can read the books on the kindle platform, wether you have or not the kindle device. If you don’t have one, there are several free applications which allow the books on your desktop computer (PC or Mac), Android device (smartphone or tablet) and/or iOs device (iPhone, iPad, iPod). I’ve created a series of tutorials explaining step by step how to start reading kindle books on any device in just minutes.

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Fatal DNA: Spanish book trailer

Here is the book trailer for the spanish version of the book. I will soon upload the english version.

ADN Fatal Book Trailer

Fatal DNA summary

Christian Petersen, a brilliant Genetic Engineer, has developed methods that could propel Medicine towards unimaginable grounds. Corina Salgado, Publicist, has been found murdered and raped. Detectives Sonia Acevedo and Guillermo Montenegro will have to deal –in the middle of a hot trial- with kidnapping, treason, blackmailing, and even terrorism to find the truth. Fatal DNA is a thriller filled with action and suspense, a page-turner you won’t put down till reaching its shocking conclusion

If you want to help me by nominating Fatal DNA, click here. You’ll get a FREE copy!
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