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Fatal DNA

Christian Petersen, a brilliant genetic engineer, has developed methods that can boost medicine to unimaginable levels. Corina Salgado, a publicist, was raped and murdered. Detectives Sonia Acevedo and Guillermo Montenegro, both in charge of the investigation, will have to face -in the midst of a hot trial- kidnapping, betrayal, blackmail and even terrorism to discover the truth through a fascinating and surprising plot. Fatal DNA is a novel full of action and suspense, which you cannot drop until you reach its denouement.

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When nothing is what it seems

For Christian Petersen, life was almost perfect…

… until someone decided to get in his way. Join him on this story full of twists, a police thriller that will keep the tension throughout its development. Is justice really blind? Is it enough to be innocent to escape? Is it true that everyone has skeletons in the closet? Find out in this intriguing story!


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 It has been determined that reading Fatal DNA can be highly addictive. SYMPTOMS: sleep loss, gnawed fingernails and inattention to the environment.

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Some readers of Fatal DNA said…

Hello!….. I just wanted to say I read your book and it left me wanting more, it is a story full of action, where there is no room for boredom… thanks. Fatal DNA left me horrible dark circles as I was reading until about 4 am. I have read hundreds of books in my life and didn’t like any as much as I liked this one, not even Harry Potter!!

María Fernández Rodríguez

Reader, Facebook

First of all, I want to say that I am completely fascinated by Fatal DNA. I just finished reading it (I took a day and a half because I could not put it down) and it really is a masterpiece. It is a unique work, attached to certain realities of our country but allows believing that justice is possible and that God is a great master of our lives. Thanks for giving this to us, devotees of crime stories, such an awesome story…

Irene Díaz


I found Fatal DNA excellent, a gem of the genre. It interested me as a reader and I sensed, from a beginning, by professional deformation, where you were going, but this were does not detract me from the pleasure of reading the final resolution. I think it’s actually a good argument for a series. José Miguel Vasquez has written it with elegance, precision and skill.

José Simón Escalona

Writer, TV & Movie Director, Facebook

Dear author of Fatal DNA, I just finished reading your book today, on October 18 and found it interesting, one of the things I like is reading. Your book was lended to me and my friend told me that a trilogy seems to come. I would like to break down some of what I read: p. 45 appoints one of my favorite writers, Ken Follett, as in the 137 from the not-so-favorite anymore, Stephen King. (hidden for not revealing) good about your book makes the mind jump back and forth. In closing, I would like to know more about you because I can’t find your biography. Alright, you’ve got yourself a new reader. Warm regards and looking forward for your next books. PS: I wish all authors leave their emails.




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