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Brain Games - Rabbit's Brotherhood

Peter Mark-Hodges, a successful writer, feels that his life takes a fatal turn by receiving the news that he has an inoperable brain tumor. Not even in his most chilling plots would he think about such situation. His son Jake, the center of his life, is just 10 years old…

Fatal DNA

Christian Petersen, a brilliant genetic engineer, has developed methods that can boost medicine to unimaginable levels. Corina Salgado, a publicist, was raped and murdered. Detectives Sonia Acevedo and Guillermo Montenegro, both in charge of the investigation, will have to face…

Some comments from my readers

I enjoy the process of writing. I feel the stories when I conceive them and is a very pleasant feeling. It’s like playing God in your own fantasy world. But the best part of writing a book, once published, is when you begin to receive feedback from your readers. It is magical, pretty difficult to describe. I include some comments here that I felt were great.
In some cases, I had to skip a few sentences, since they reveal parts of the story and could ruin the experience for new readers. I apologize for that to those who gently wrote the texts.

About Fatal DNA

Hello!….. I just wanted to say I read your book and it left me wanting more, it is a story full of action, where there is no room for boredom… thanks. Fatal DNA left me horrible dark circles as I was reading until about 4 am. I have read hundreds of books in my life and didn’t like any as much as I liked this one, not even Harry Potter!!

María Fernández Rodríguez

Reader, Facebook

First of all, I want to say that I am completely fascinated by Fatal DNA. I just finished reading it (I took a day and a half because I could not put it down) and it really is a masterpiece. It is a unique work, attached to certain realities of our country but allows believing that justice is possible and that God is a great master of our lives. Thanks for giving this to us, devotees of crime stories, such an awesome story…

Irene Díaz


I found Fatal DNA excellent, a gem of the genre. It interested me as a reader and I sensed, from a beginning, by professional deformation, where you were going, but this were does not detract me from the pleasure of reading the final resolution. I think it’s actually a good argument for a series. José Miguel Vasquez has written it with elegance, precision and skill.

José Simón Escalona

Writer, TV & Movie Director, Grupo Theja

Good night friend. Oscar Velasquez is writing, manager of the El Recreo Nacho Library. I’m about to finish your book. I want to say that it is very good. Really good. While reading it, I cannot believe that you are Venezuelan because there are very few who have written a book like this. I really congratulate you. And I hope that soon you will marvel us with yet another equally good delivery. You have nothing to envy John Grisham, who is also one of my favorite writers. I truly congratulate you, friend.
Oscar Luis Velásquez

Nacho El Recreo Bookstore Manager

I just finished reading your book, Fatal DNA, and I really congratulate you. I am a professor of biology and of course I felt attracted to buy it when I saw it on a shelf on the Tecni-Ciencia bookstore, especially because I like to recommend to my students some books that have some relation to the matter we are seeing at school. I loved the way it is written, I was always identified with the environments that describe our Caracas, and how it leads the reader to read non-stop until the final outcome. The only criticism I give to the book is that a biography of the author is missing, even brief, with his picture… I had to get into your blog to hear more from you!!! Anyway I congratulate you and I hope you will keep writing … I’m looking forward for your upcoming works and meanwhile I’ll recommend this book to my students who I’m sure will soon write a review.
Ornella Meilijson

Biology Professor

Hi José Miguel, receive a warm greeting. At this time, I finished reading your novel FATAL DNA; believe me, I have greatly enjoyed the time I devoted to reading it. Its argument got me and especially the development of the trial, because you describe it so well that I felt like I was present in the room, as part of the jury, although the private counsel tried to avoid women in the jury selection. I really liked that in this story is sensed some very valid criticism, to our system of justice and reference to illegal procedures used in the institution of adoption of children. Finally, Jose Miguel, I can only congratulate you, because you have successfully started your raid as a writer. I hope to have the opportunity to read your next book soon.
Elda Rangel

Lawyer, Facebook

Good afternoon, engineer. My name is Henry Flores, a lawyer currently working as Public Prosecutor in San Antonio, Táchira State. Currently studying a Masters course in criminology in IUPOLC. We are studying a subject titled Critical Analysis of Criminal Investigation. I had previously read your book “Fatal DNA” and we want to use it as a theme exhibition in one of the jobs that were entrusted to us. I wish I could reach you to ask you some questions and to make them known to the course at the time of exposure.
Henry Flores

Lawyer, Facebook

Dear author of Fatal DNA, I just finished reading your book today, on October 18 and found it interesting, one of the things I like is reading. Your book was lended to me and my friend told me that a trilogy seems to come. I would like to break down some of what I read: p. 45 appoints one of my favorite writers, Ken Follett, as in the 137 from the not-so-favorite anymore, Stephen King. (hidden for not revealing) good about your book makes the mind jump back and forth. In closing, I would like to know more about you because I can’t find your biography. Alright, you’ve got yourself a new reader. Warm regards and looking forward for your next books. PS: I wish all authors leave their emails.




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About Brain Games

Hi Jose! My name is Carlos Sarpi, I am actually reading “Brain Games”. I was very blinded to read books like Hola José! Soy Carlos Sarpi, estoy a mitad del libro «Juego Cerebral» estaba muy cegado a leer libros como The Analyst, The Madman’s Tale, Just Cause… you will recognize the author. I entered into a Nacho’s bookstore and vaguely read the backcover of Brain Games. It totally got me and I would like to give you the more equivalent expression to a hug, because in none of my more beloved and used books I found this kind of Fiction. With this huge load of suspense, I want to ask you, more than putting a smile on your face, to ask you about the next installments… and to lear more about Fatal DNA… I totally got caught by your writing… I’m just a 24 years old musician, but you will be able to understand my surprise when I looked more about the author of this book! I never thought it was a Venezuelan! I wish the best success

Carlos Sarpi

Musician, Google+

WOOW! This is the first time than a Venezuelan author got me from the first word. Let me tell you than I almost burnt my cooking for being so immerse in the history. I can’t wait to the second installment. There is no way I could predict how will it unfold. I could think about a possible ending, but I might easily be wrong, but this is about, exploring the possible plots. THANK YOU!!!!

Cesar Daniel Salas

Reader, Google+

Realmente no encuentro palabras para expresar lo encantada que estoy por haber leído su libro “Juego Cerebral”, es una excelente historia. No puedo esperar a leer la continuación. Espero poder encontrarla en la librería muy pronto. Mil felicidades por este fantástico trabajo.
Marianna Bittar

Ingeniero Industrial, Instagram

I just wanted to write you a few lines to congratulate you after finish reading “Brain Games”. Excellent, I really enjoyed it, it drove me amongst suspense and anxiety. My only complaint is that there is no ending…. I just discovered Brain Games is a trilogy. I would like to know when the next volumes will be available. I can’t wait to know what will happen with Mike and Christine, and mainly if they recover (hidden to avoid a spoiler). I congratulate you again, keep writing like this and you will be recognized for many of us whom like reading.

Carlos Piccone

Engineer, Google+

I am a loyal reader of your books. I am a filmmaker and I have developed a great interest by Brain Games. I would like to know if it is possible we meet and talk about the possibility of taking this book to a film. I am about to present “The Shrink”, a movie about the case which took Edmundo Chirinos to jail.

Manuel Pifano

Filmmaker, Facebook

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